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Who we are

The My Food Business Team

Jayne Gallagher

I'm Jayne, our CEO, and the driving force behind Honey & Fox. A proud "perennial" who’s naturally curious, with an astute eye for human behaviour and a fascination for stories as a business growth tool, I'm our go-to business development and market strategist.    

Combining my formal qualifications with a wealth of experience in business, strategy, market development, and brand management, I bring a unique and captivating approach to my client work.   

My secret? Unveiling the elusive "sweet spot" between business, research and marketing to develop out-of-the-box strategies. Leaning on my close partnerships and exceptional reputation, I'm known for creating opportunities and seizing untapped market potential.   

My accomplishments have garnered national and international recognition, earning me prestigious awards for outstanding contributions to strategic industry development and transformative change management.      

I aim to inspire us all to break free from the mundane, embrace the extraordinary, and chart new frontiers that lead to unprecedented success.  

My mantra is: Be bold. Be brave. Be different.  


Helen Johnston

I'm Helen, the extraordinary creative leading our communications team. Harnessing my qualifications in user experience and design, I love helping our clients craft their authentic provenance stories, bringing brands to life, and connecting with customers in creative and compelling ways.   

I've spent the past two decades collaborating with countless Agri and food businesses, helping develop their digital communication, brand development, and international and domestic market campaigns. With obsessive attention to detail, my finely tuned strategic communication approaches deliver impact, reaching the right audiences with precision and resonance.   

Forever searching for new ideas and inspiration, my love for travel, painting, meeting new people, and exploring local Tasmanian backyards fuelled my creative spirit.  

With me leading our team, expect new standards of excellence as we captivate audiences and transform brands.   


Joanne Freeman

I'm Joanne, and I wear many hats as the Research, Learning, and Engagement Director here at Honey & Fox. I like to think of myself as a 'pracademic' because I bring together the best of both worlds: academia and practicality. 

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working in various roles, including marketing, international business, export management, cross-cultural management, business analytics, and even government.  

One of the things I'm most proud of is my knack for developing and delivering successful training programs. Some notable ones include Insights to Action, Seafood Ed, Digital Fishers, and Provenance Powered Marketing. These programs have made a real impact and have empowered countless individuals to take their visions to the next level. 

I'm fueled by my passion for supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs, and I love creating engaging training content that equips them with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. It's incredibly rewarding to see their dreams become a reality, and I'm dedicated to helping them every step of the way. 

For me, learning is a lifelong journey. I'm constantly seeking new knowledge and honing my skills, because I believe that continuous growth is key to success. Being able to share that knowledge with others and witness their success is what drives me and makes me an invaluable leader within our team. 

So, that's a little glimpse into who I am and what I bring to the table. I'm excited to be a part of the Honey & Fox team and contribute to the amazing work we do here.